What’s Being Born In You This Christmas?

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That’s what’s happening right now. You’re about to give birth. Did you know?

Just as the winter months draw us indoors, so we are drawn into our interior self, our inner life, at this most spiritual time of year.

What makes it more spiritual than any other time? One reason is that we are entering into Earth’s perihelion phase of its orbit around the sun. We are actually 3 million miles closer to it than we are in the summer.

We feel that. We feel it in our bodies.

So, on the inside, our inner Christmas tree is lighting up. Big time. To our energy system—our chakras and their interconnections—the sun is actually brighter. It acts as an antenna that picks up the spiritual broadcast from the sun and translates it into Gabriel’s Message—you know, the same one he gave to Mary when he told her she was going to give birth to the Son/Sun of God. That’s what’s happening to us.

Right now.

This is why we’re going within, both into our homes and into ourselves. This is where the fruits of our labors are coming to fruition. All of our aspirations, our hopes for a fuller spiritual realization, are gestating and coming to term. Something is stirring deep within the Holy of Holies of our souls. And it’s something good.

Very, very good.

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