Into the shadow

Make Your Anger and Fear Work for You.

Integrate Your Anger and Fear With This Powerful Technique

Would you like to transform your negative emotions so that they don’t ruin your life?

What would it feel like if they worked for you instead of against you?

Would you like to find out?

It’s surprisingly easy to master the technique I am sharing with you in this mini-course. And when you do, it will change your relationship to your negative emotions forever. 

This exercise will help you locate the core of your being and enter into it. Once there, you will begin the process of transforming these harmful energies into dynamos of spiritual power. 

A negative emotion is like a river running through us. It is untamed, vital energy.

But like a river, its power can be harnessed. It can be made to work for us, instead of washing away everything that we have tried to build. 

There is a specific way to harness this power, a technique that will start the integration process. It is profoundly and deeply spiritual. And once you begin, you will feel the results almost immediately. 

I have used this technique for years and it has given me more energy than I ever had before. Because that’s what the dragon of negative emotions does—it hoards gold. It hoards our vital life force. 

This technique reclaims the gold—the gold of your vitality.

This is a spiritual technique, not a psychological therapy. You’ve probably never heard of anything like it before. But I promise you, it works!

When you master it (and you will), you will never again be a slave to your emotions. You will still have them but they will add vitality to your life instead of draining it. 

Wholeness doesn’t happen by accident. It happens as a result of your desire to know yourself and then courageously dive into the places you have been unwilling to face. 

When the Knights of the Round Table embarked on their Quest for the Holy Grail, they were instructed to enter the forest where it was darkest, where no one had ever entered before.

They were seeking the dark and unknown parts of themselves. Because they knew that if they found them, they could be whole again. By reintegrating the shattered parts of themselves, they could experience their oneness with God. They could come home.

If that’s what you want to do, this is where you start.

Welcome to the beginning of your Quest.


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