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The Maciel Method 

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quiet your mind

for inner

peace and stability. 

Hi, I'm Michael.

I teach a radically new way to meditate designed to help you quiet your mind so that you can achieve inner peace and stability.

There are three ways you can work with me:

  • Autonomously — through my videos, courses, and books
  • Collaboratively — join my membership site
  • Intensively — one-on-one personal coaching

Why would you want to?

I can help you quiet your mind and stabilize your emotions. 

Where I come from:

I was formally trained in the Holy Order of MANS, but I have also known and learned from some of the most notable master teachers of the 20th Century:

  • Dr. E. W. Blighton of the Holy Order of MANS
  • Murshid Samuel Lewis of Sufi Ruhaniat International
  • Satguru Subramuniyaswami of the Wailua Institute of Contemplative Arts
  • Timothy Harris of the Gnostic Order of Christ
  • Katagiri Roshi of the Minnesota Zen Center 
  • Tau Rosamonde Miller, Hierarch of Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum

These people changed me. Let me share with you what I know so that you can CHANGE, too.


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What People Are Saying...

Michael is the real deal.

He teaches the original wisdom of Jesus with the approach of a mystic, which is to say, through the heart and not just the head.

At the same time, his analyses are clear and cogent, using language that makes sense. Centuries ago, a teacher like this would have been branded a heretic. Today, with the expansion of awareness of the evolution of human consciousness, he's just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you for the practical wisdom.

We need this now more than ever in our current living experience.

Please write more on this thinking. It needs to be shared... with all!

Always informational. Always responsive. An educational joy.

I have been a student and friend of Michael Maciel for almost two decades. His many gifts include a balance between formal structure and conversational freedom, sensitivity to the individual strength and weaknesses of each student, and humor with a graceful and earthy irony.

Michael has an extraordinary capacity to combine subject acquisition, be it religious, philosophical, or historical with encouragement, dedication, respectfulness, and good cheer.

Leads me to actionable practice.

Michael's teachings have been essential in helping me navigate and clarify my inner knowing and the direct experience of what is.

He synthesizes and presents nuggets of truth inherent in multiple ancient traditions and wisdom streams in such a way that it leads me to actionable practice.

In this age of mass information, with the vast amounts of wisdom and spiritual teachings available, I find Michael's discerning voice a welcome beacon.

A real sense of connection and community

I have been attending classes with Michael for a while now and feel he is a great teacher who allows everyone to be true to themselves while learning from one another.

I get a real sense of connection and community with like-minded individuals here, and Michael always keeps subjects interesting and involving.

Michael takes the mystical and makes it understandable in everyday life.

He has given me practical tools to develop my spiritual path and guidance to help me understand and use what I am learning.

What I love the most is that Michael does not just give me answers but helps me find them myself, which has the added benefit that what I learn stays with me and transforms me.

After reading just one page, I felt I was exactly where I was meant to be.

I was guided here today and how blessed I am to have been.

I've purchase your book, subscribed to your YouTube channel, and will be reading quite a bit it seems. Thank you, Michael.


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